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K-CAP is the future in protective capping for both intraoperative and external orthopedic wires. K-CAP is the first and only brand on the market with our patented self-locking technology making them easier and safer than other methods.

K-CAP is the capping device designed, by Orthopedic Surgeons, for efficiency, patient safety, and ease of use. Our patented self-locking mechanism, available on most models, eliminates corks, bulky bandages, patient complaints about caps falling off, and the constant searching for extra tools such as screwdrivers, Allen wrenches and crimping tools. K-CAP fits all sizes and brands of Kirschner wires.
K-CAP-E (non-sterile) and K-CAP-ES (sterile) are our color-coded self-locking caps designed to securely fit on all externalized K-Wires. The color-coding makes for easy size identification and the unique knurled shape allows for easier handling, even when wearing surgical gloves.

K-CAP-P (non-sterile) is the economical, color-coded cap designed for all larger sizes of Steinman Pins and most external fixation wires. K-CAP-P does not contain our patented self-locking mechanism.

K-CAP-I (sterile) is designed for intraoperative use and protects the Surgeon and staff from cuts and punctures when placing multiple wires in a small field.