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Hosiery - Stockings


Knee-High Graduated FIRM Compression (18-22mm) Hosiery

PRODUCT       DESCRIPTION                                 PRICE

XL: -B, W ,N, T                     Extra Large, Black, White, Navy, Tan, or Dark Brown                   $10.49/pair


LG: -B, W, N, T, K, DB          Large, Black, White, Navy, Tan, Dark Brown                                  $10.49/pair


MED: -B, W, N, T, K, DB,       Medium, Black, White, Navy, Tan, Dark Brown                             $10.49/pair


SM: -B, W, N, T, DB                Small, Black, White, Navy, Tan, Dark Brown                                $10.49/pair


Tan may be Tan, Khaki, Camel or similar color


Sizing Guide


Ankle Circumference

Calf Circumference



6 ¼-7 ¼ inches

11-13 ½ inches

to 16”


7 ½-9 inches

13-15 ½ inches

to 17”


9 ¼-10 ¾ inches

15-17 ½ inches

to 18”


11-12 ½ inches

17-19 ½ inches

to 18”



For those who would like a little more room, or a softer top in the calf, many of the above styles are available with a band on the top. When ordering, just specify: Band.


Minimum Order is 2 Pair. Single Orders for any 6+ pairs will receive a 5% discount.


Terms: Cash (or Check) in advance. Shipped USPS within two days. For regular USPS shipping add $4.50 for up to 3 pair; Add $5.75 for 3-8 pair; Add $10.00 for up to 16 pair.


Contact us for quotes on Special order products such as Panty Hose, or for a copy of our SHEER Knee High Price List.

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